International Women's Day (March 8)
International Women's Day (March 8)
Monday, 8 March, 2021




For over a century, International Women’s Day, held on 8 March each year, has marked a day of celebration and advocacy for women’s rights and equality around the world.

The international women’s day means many things to many women. It can be a day to celebrate success, social, economic and cultural achievement for each woman.

The international women’s day means allowing women throughout history to achieve their dreams.

During international women’s day, the best ways to spend this special day is by:

  • Spending time with your mum
  • Celebrating with women you admire
  • Giving back to other women
  • Accomplishing a personal goal
  • Investing in your career
  • Visiting a local women’s day event near you
  • Supporting other women
  • Learning about impactful women
  • Spending it alone – Treating yourself by doing absolutely nothing

We at “MoreThanAJob” project partners, we invest in women to be part of our consortium team.

Some of our successful women words:

“Because you are a Woman, your moral obligation and social responsibility are impactful!

Your resilience and inspiration during these unprecedented times are a treasure to the world!”

Dr. Wafaa Haidamous

Managing Director/Senior Consultant

Business Consultancy and Training Services


“I believe that women can change their destiny by having a good education, developing their skills, being self-financial dependent, and believing in themselves. By changing their destiny, we empower the family, their children and the community”

Suheir Salah

Social Trainer

An-Najah National University


“I believe that I am working as a part of a process that will make a difference, and this is a very rewarding experience. By working together, we can galvanize multilateral action to realize the social rights of all women”

Fadia Hashaika

Communication Manager

An-Najah National University


“The MoreThanAJob project delivers and demonstrates a framework of best practices, previously identified and studied for the inclusion of the unemployed (including refugees and uneducated) in the work and education system.”  

Katerina Kostakou

Project Manager

EUROTRaining Educational Organization SA


"It's All About Being Yourself, and Originate the "I" You Deserve" 

Dima Nasser

Projects Coordinator


“Women have the most powerful part in working with marginalized groups, no one can invert the bad impact if he did not face it before”

Alaa Istaiteyeh

Nablus Chamber of Commerce and Industry 

Technical and Vocational Education and Training Unit Coordinator

Employment Corner Coordinator