NLP Certification
NLP Certification

As a Master in NLP, Dr. Wafaa Haidamous H. desired to share her knowledge with her clients since NLP helps to explore of how we think, communicate and change - so that we can model, replicate and improve performance. NLP's core competencies are about: 

  • Attitudes that produce results
  • Modeling
  • Techniques, so we can transfer the results of the above

NLP is not something you do "on" someone; it is something you do "with" someone. It is a process that requires communication. NLP’s Certification, given from BCTS, has several objectives like:

  • Defining NLP, what is the NLP process and how to understand the language communication and behavior.
  • Well – forming Goals
  • Defining, translating and overlapping Representational Systems
  • Eye Accessing Cues
  • Rapport and Anchoring
  • Understanding different types of modeling in NLP (Meta, Milton,…) and their strategies
  • Practical Cases