TOT Certification
TOT Certification

Being an International Certified Master Trainer from Pearson International to deliver TOT programDr. Wafaa Haidamous H. has established her own school for Trainers. This certification is designed for people seeking to be certified trainers capable of planning, managing, delivering and evaluating training sessions. The main objectives of this certification are:

  • Definition of the principles and concepts of training and the most important approaches to interactive training
  • Definition of methods and training techniques and experience their implementation
  • Enable participants to identify the training objectives and to plan training sessions
  • Identify the characteristics of the groups of trainees and develop the ability to activate groups and communicate with them through training
  • Identify the characteristics of an effective trainer and the most important knowledge, attitudes and skills to be possessed
  • Identify the communication skills of a trainer and practice them
  • Analyze the principles and ethics of the training
  • Help participants practice skills using the specific knowledge component they are assigned to
  • Go through the Specific knowledge curriculum and how to train others on it