BCTS Workshops use a variety of interactive methods to ensure effective learning in a practical context, including tutor led discussion, pair and group discussion, case studies, role plays and skills practice, presenting convenient solutions. BCTS offers to its clients to conduct these workshops in three languages French/Arabic/English.

We use different ways to break up our workshops with and keep trainees attentive and involved, including:

  • Assessments / Quizzes
  • Small group discussions
  • Case studies
  • Active summaries
  • A & B (Brain Development Exercises)
  • Parking Lot / Question cards
  • Role-plays
  • Games / NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) Activities
  • Simulation
  • Icebrakers
  • Visual Aids
  • Other activities  
  1. Create a personal action plan
  2. Paraphrase important or complex points in the training
  3. Develop a Gratitude Diary