Request for Quotation for Event Preparation
Request for Quotation for Event Preparation
Monday, 10 May, 2021

In semester 4, BCTS is expected to prepare an event under the title “MoreThanAJob Forum Day in Lebanon”; the organization of the forum in Lebanon Activity reference WP2.SS.PP4.89466.






Event Production (Technical Services)- Framework including the art direction, production and event coordination

Event, exhibition and conference design & production, including stage and stand design

Project planning and management

Production planning and management

On-site manpower/resources to manage and co-ordinate events

Venue sourcing, contracting and management

Rental of Audio-visual equipment including:

                     18 sqm P2 LED Screen

                     5 5D Cameras

                     2 Sony 4k Video Cam

                     Internet Bandwidths 10 mbps dedicated

                     Conference sound system

Indoor lighting




Complete applications must include the financial quotation for the 2 services listed in the table and should be sent to or by hand in the Name of Mrs. Tatiana Chahine to the Following address “Hazmieh, St. Rock Street, Rizkallah Centre, 4th floor” latest by May 29, 2021 (COB)