MoreThanAJob: Selected Projects under the Call for Sub-grants
MoreThanAJob: Selected Projects under the Call for Sub-grants
Wednesday, 29 September, 2021

The international evaluation committee of the MoreThanAJob project has officially selected the 10 project proposals that will be sub-granted in the partner countries. The projects share the public-private cooperation and partnership as added value for the development and delivery of welfare services promoting the social and labor inclusion of vulnerable people.

 Following the qualitative evaluation and the interviews carried out with the applicant organizations, the sub-granted proposals in Lebanon are:

1. Carving Out a Better Path Forward - Submitted by PHI Group S.A.R.L.

PHI Group will be providing help and support to those who are deeply affected by the situation in the country through offering health and safety in the workplace awareness sessions, vocational training for under skilled labor and soft skills training for 500 individuals.

2. Psycho-Social and Economic Resilience of Women in Deprived Areas - Submitted by Common Effort

Common Effort will be supporting those vulnerable women by providing them with primary and essential protection services throughout peer-to-peer counselling sessions, and throughout their integration in the labor market by initiating income generation and employment opportunities. 

We are looking forward to sharing more details with you about our 2 winning projects.

Stay tuned for exciting news coming your way!