About us

BCTS (Business Consultancy and Training Services) Your Partner in Developing & Restructuring

BCTS was established to help companies face the new market challenges arising from local and foreign competition and to enhance the human competencies to add value to the companies.

We are a skilled team of consultants and professional trainers (Certified Trainers) in the business field, with a wide range of experience in Europe, UK, and USA as well as in the Arab World. BCTS offers creative strategies that work with every aspect of business management.

We provide our clients with a lasting competitive advantage. It’s our business to improve specific sections of a company as well as to solve problems that the entire company is facing.

We combine our knowledge, new concepts of management and expertise to your ‘know- how’ and skills in order to accomplish your objectives and to participate in the development of your staff and your business. Our role does not end at the corporate or organizational level; it extends to the development of the Human Resources department, which is the organization most valuable asset. Based on this belief, we have adopted the most effective training and development tools and strategies, by partnering with world leaders (UK, USA).