In this message, I want to express gratitude to all our clients, followers, partners, trainers, consultants, and others; your support, your trust and your continuous confidence empowered us to be considered now in this positioning and among the best.

My 25 Years' experience and more in the field skilled me a lot. Yet, I daily gain from you and from other ones' experiences. Our attainments' path and feat were paved with perseverance, hard work, passion, motivation...and much More!
Your productive criticism is always esteemed and hailed to improve ourselves and to linger serving you year after year.
At the end, difference is made by you no matter where you are and whenever you want.
Hand in Hand, we help you to build your growth individually, in Team, in your organization in Lebanon and in the MENA region. We remain always at your service!

Dr. Wafaa Haidamous

Dr. Wafaa Haidamous H. is a leading International consultant for SMEs, Certified ROI Professional, Senior Trainer, and Coach in different industries. She has conducted more than 6,000 sessions of Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Skills programs, seminars for different kind of industries in Lebanon and the MENA Region; and participated in different International Conferences and Summits since 1998 as a Speaker, Presenter, and Moderator.

Dr. Wafaa has been selected for many projects with USAID, EU, GIZ, GOPA and others for Lebanon and abroad.

In 2002, Dr. Wafaa has been accredited from UK in TMSDI (Team Management Systems Development International), certified in 2009 from the Coaching Academy-UK, Master NLP practitioner from Richard Bandler-UK and from The BEST (Projet Renaissance)- Dr. Wen Winger-USA in 2011.

Dr. Wafaa Haidamous H. is a holder of a MBA in Management & Marketing, and a PHD in Economics. She is the Founder and the Managing Director of BCTS (Business Consultancy and Training Services-Lebanon) since 2002 after a long experience with International Consulting firms. Dr. Wafaa is certified from Pearson International as a senior Trainer and working with Dr. Philip Kotler/Kotler impact for Marketing Programs Training and Marketing Summit Award in Lebanon.

She has been selected as Senior Member of ISTD (International Society for Trainers & Developers) since 2014 and created her School of Training accredited from 'ISTD' in Lebanon.

Dr. Wafaa is partner with the ROI Institute inc. USA in Lebanon since 2017 and Certified ROI Professional in 2019.